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Why do you ultimately get hired?
It's because of your story.

Michael Margolis - TEDx speaker
and founder of Get Storied


If you’re a talented job seeker who cannot understand why recruiters are not tripping over themselves to acquire your genius, maybe it’s because your resume is failing you. But don’t feel bad. Thousands of job seekers share your pain.

With so much competition for every job and only six seconds to impress a recruiter, boring resumes can get lost in the thousands that cross a busy recruiter’s desk each week. A winning resume needs to quickly tell your story and articulate your value. It needs to inspire a personal connection with recruiters so that they immediately want to call you for a job interview and hire you on the spot. Does yours?


We transform ordinary resumes into extraordinary ones. No resume templates. We design one-of-a-kind masterpieces that captivate everyone who sees them.

Story Resumes are perfect for: executives finding it hard to summarize their experiences; graduates competing for their dream job or internship; life hackers needing to explain their non-traditional career route; parents returning to the workforce; creatives striving to stand out; expats finding it hard to impress recruiters with their offshore experiences; career switchers wanting a ‘foot in the door’; and all types of talented job seekers wanting to invest in their future!







...The average recruiter
spends just 6 seconds
looking at your resume.

Fast Company - referencing a 2012 eye-tracking research study by

  • Executives and managers finding it hard to summarize their wealth of knowledge and experience
  • University and college graduates competing against thousands for their dream job or internship
  • Life hackers and entrepreneurs needing to explain their non-traditional career route
  • Expats and migrants struggling to impress recruiters with their offshore experiences
  • Parents and on-rampers returning to the workforce after a career break
  • Creatives and digerati striving to demonstrate ‘out of the box’ thinking
  • Career switchers wanting to get a ‘foot in the door’ in a new industry
  • All talented job seekers wanting to invest in their future!

We’re only young, so it’ll take a little time for people to find us, get their Story Resumes made and for us to source testimonials. But in the meantime we invite you to read Andrea’s story to see how a Story Resume really did generate interviews and job offers for her!

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- Story Resumes -

US $1999

1 minute

15-25 Business Days

Like Michelangelo, we can’t create masterpieces in one day, so tell us what you need today!

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We all love stories.
We’re born for them.

Andrew Stanton - TED speaker and
Oscar-winning filmmaker at Pixar

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