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10 Tips For A Successful Online Job Interview

June 7, 2017

You are confident and prepared for your big online job interview, but is your tech ready to put you in the best light?

Let’s look at a few ways to make sure you are at your absolute onscreen best, shared in the infographic below.

First, check the lighting where you plan to be for your interview. Is the light facing you? Or coming from behind you? It should usually be facing you so it doesn’t cast you as a shadow from behind. Practice setting up with your webcam—what shows up in the background? A bathroom? A cluttered room? Find a neutral background that isn’t distracting to your interviewers. Similarly, make sure the space is quiet with no potential interruptions.

If your wifi is less than trustworthy, or to ensure you have an uninterrupted connection, consider connecting your computer directly to your modem or router. Restart your computer to turn off anything running in the background and turn off any unnecessary programs, to avoid noise alerts or a slower computer. Also consider pausing or turning off cloud services right before your online job interview so your connection isn’t burdened by files uploading or downloading. And if anyone else is on your network, ask them to hold off on uploading, downloading or video streaming until after your interview.

Finally, when you sit in front of the camera, center yourself in the view frame. Sit up straight to appear more confident and so your head doesn’t sink down on screen, potentially making you appear weak. For more useful job interview prep ideas, check out How To Feel Confident In Your Job InterviewTop Tips For A Winning Job Interview, and How To Prepare For Your Next Video Job Interview.

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