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4 Out-Of-The-Box Resumes That Got Noticed

January 10, 2018

How do you get noticed in the jobseeking world?

For these creative people, an unconventional resume caught the attention of thousands of people and helped them get hired, too. Keep scrolling for their stories and practical insight for your own job search process.


Photographer Jens Lennartsson showed that he is ready for anything with an action figure designed in his likeness. From developing a lookalike model to creating packaging with a personal touch, Jens told his professional story in an effective way. Jens gives us the details of his creative process and tips for jobseekers below:

Meet Jens Lennartsson, Who Got Noticed With Action Figures

Hoping to get noticed, Emma Clifford placed her resume as an ad in a London taxi. She shared a picture of the ad on Twitter, which went viral. While speaking on a radio show she serendipitously met the person who would help her secure an internship, and the rest is history. We spoke with Emma about her inspiration, what exactly happened after posting her resume ad, and several tips she shares with current jobseekers.

Meet Emma Clifford, Who Got Noticed With A Taxi Ad Resume

Wanting to stand out from the crowd in the middle of a recession, Joshua Drummond told his story in comic book form. His approach put his artistic skills and personality on display, which earned him a call back for every job he applied for and successfully secured him a job. Here Josh explains how he developed his successful comic, what type of response he received, and his ideas for others seeking employment. Read more of Josh’s story here:

Meet Joshua Drummond, The Guy Who Made A Comic Book Resume

Looking for a fresh way to showcase his creative skills, João Dornellas made the first ever resume for the iPad. João’s award-winning iPad resume app has captured the attention of individuals and companies around the world wanting the chance to work with him. In this interview João explains why the timing was important to get his resume in the App store, how the app got noticed, and why getting away from a traditional approach might help jobseekers find the job of their dreams:

Meet João Dornellas, The Guy Who Created The First iPad Resume App

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