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6 Standout Creative Resumes That Got Jobseekers Hired

April 26, 2017

Unconventional creative resumes might grab attention, but can they actually get you hired?

For these six jobseekers, the answer is a definite yes. Read on below for plenty of tips, inspiration and to learn exactly how their unique, creative resumes led to job search success.


Creative Resumes, Facebook Resume, Claudio Nader, Job Search

Frustrated in the jobseeking world, Claudio Nader chose to utilize one of the most popular social media platforms to get noticed by numerous employers—and it worked. Click here to read more about what he did, how his resume got noticed and went viral, and his best tips for current jobseekers.


Creative Resumes, Ian Greenleigh, Facebook, resume

Ian Greenleigh also wanted to harness the power of Facebook to put his face in front of potential employers. With little marketing experience, he put out an ad on Facebook and secured the marketing job of his dreams in just a few short weeks. He explains why he chose an ad resume, what the response was, how the ad has helped his career overall, and his advice for others looking to stand out.


Creative Resumes, Craig Stapley Resume

Considering an applicant only has about seven seconds to impress a potential employer, Craig Stapley knew he needed to try something different: “If you think about a resume, it is the first point of contact a recruiter has with an applicant. Based on your resume they will either call you for an interview or toss it into the waste bin.”

So he shaped his resume into a clever infographic that grabbed attention and helped him earn the position of Creative Director at iFit, a popular fitness company. Read more about his approach and what he would suggest to someone else hoping to get noticed.


Leah Bowman Lego Resume

If you could build your way to job with LEGO, would you?

It worked for Leah Bowman, who built a miniature replica of herself and put it in a package she designed to look like LEGO, along with a poster describing her as an applicant. She was successfully chosen for an internship at a major advertising agency and featured on numerous big media platforms. Click here to see more about her process and exactly how she pulled it off.


Rob Jervis Chocolates Resume

One sweet way to grab attention as a jobseeker might be to send in a box of chocolates, like Rob Jervis did. Hoping to score a package design job, he developed his own clever packaging for a box of homemade chocolates. Jervis won over nearly everyone he handed his resume to, and attracted plenty of virtual applause.

His only regret? “The only thing I would do differently would be doing it sooner.” See more about his creation process, response and advice for others hoping to attract an employer’s attention.


resumes, resume, portfolio, job search

Fannie Lam found a way to stand out in her job search by handing out coffee and donuts—a replica of coffee and donuts, that is. The food model, with her portfolio included inside, told her story and impressed her interviewers, which helped her capture an ideal graphic design position. She shares the process behind her creative resume, what she would differently next time, and her tips to help you tell your story as a jobseeker.

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