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6 Creative Social Media Resumes That Got People Hired

April 27, 2016

Can a social media resume help secure your dream job?

For the following six people, the answer is a resounding yes. While social networking is beneficial in itself, each of these former jobseekers went further by thinking outside the box and used social media tools like Facebook, Pinterest, and Vine to get noticed…and hired.

These inspiring stories are highlighted below, showcasing how an unconventional approach and your individiual story can positively impact your job search.

Facebook Resume, Claudio Nader, Resume Format, Job Search
Claudio Nader scored his job with a Facebook resume
, and shares why he took a non-traditional route and how he got his virtual resume noticed.

mark johnson, resume, pinterest
Mark Johnson took a risk and transformed a Pinterest profile into an interactive resume, capturing the attention of big tech sites like Mashable and landing him some prominent speaking gigs. Mark shares how he ensured his Pinterest resume was effective, how it went viral, and how you can share your story via a visual platform like Pinterest.

Dawn Siff Vine Video Resume
Dawn Siff’s Vine resume
—the world’s first—propelled her into jobseeker stardom as she was featured on big name media like The Today Show, Fast Company and Mashable. She explains why she did it, her creative process and her ideas for what works to grab attention.

Rachael King’s “living” Pinterest resume
is what inspired Mark Johnson (mentioned above). Here she tells how she uses social media as part of the job search process and ways that jobseekers can cultivate a captivating web presence.

Ian Greenleigh, Facebook, resume
Ian Greenleigh secured a job in few short weeks thanks to his Facebook Ad Resume. He explains why he went with a Facebook ad, how social media has affected his career, and how jobseekers can grab attention.

Brandon Kleinman’s Facebook photos
 earned him a job in six weeks, caught the attention of numerous big sites, like Mashable and Business Insider, and even got him a job offer from Good Morning America. He shares why it’s important to tell your story, how his unconventional approach has impacted his career, and tips to get noticed as a jobseeker.

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