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Meet Chris Liu, The Guy Who Turned His Resume Into A Google Results Page

December 2, 2013

Wouldn’t you love to choose what Google shows when someone searches your name? What if you could put together your own Google page results for recruiters and employers?

That’s exactly what Chris Liu did. Chasing a career change, he created “Liugle”, his own online search results page, highlighting none other than himself and his story. Mashable, the crème de la crème of tech sites, and other media picked up his story, and the rest is history. Here is Chris Liu’s inspiring story…

Story Resumes: Chris, how does your Google-like resume tell your story better than Google can?

Chris: I wanted to create a website for all of my content and make it easier for employers and recruiters to find everything. Job seeking sites constantly advise you to monitor your online accounts and privacy settings, so I thought the site would be a fun portal to deliver all of my media to potential employers – and save them some time.

Story Resumes: How did you come up with the idea to create Google-like resume?

Chris: I’ve always been inspired by really cool resumes and websites. The idea for creating Liugle came after seeing Philippe Dubost’s Amazon resume in January this year. I was working at a search engine marketing agency at the time, where we used Google products daily. Add in the fact that I was ‘searching’ for a new career path and the idea for the site made perfect sense.

Story Resumes: Did you enlist any help to put your online resume together? How easy or difficult was it to make?

Chris: The concept was mine but I couldn’t have created the site without the help of my older brother, Ken Liu. He’s an interactive designer so it worked out perfectly because he helped me design and code the site. Overall, we worked on it for about two weeks, mostly nights and weekends since we both had full-time jobs. We had a few issues with launching and hosting but aside from that, it went smoothly.

Story Resumes: Did you do anything to help get your Google-like resume noticed by the media?

Chris: The site was launched in mid-July and I sent the link to a couple of blogs, not expecting much. A couple of weeks went by and it started to get some traction when PSFK and Design Taxi mentioned the site in their articles. It really took off at the start of August when Mashable ran an article and it’s been great ever since.

Story Resumes: Has the response to your online resume exceeded your expectations?

Chris: I hoped it would get a few mentions, but getting picked up by Mashable was a real surprise. They ran [it again in] a new article in late October, so it’s flattering that people still find it interesting. I guess I will be forever lumped into this group!

Story Resumes: In what ways has your online resume impacted your career?

Chris: It led to a few job offers, but ultimately it helped me get into Miami Ad School in Brooklyn, New York City. I’ve been studying there for about two months now and working on my portfolio, so I’m well on my way toward a copywriting career!

Story Resumes: What advice do you have for current jobseekers hoping to stand out from the crowd?


a) Find something unique about yourself and use it to your advantage to make potential employers remember you.

b) Show how multi-faceted you are and really put an effort into your resume, website or even a simple email, since every piece of communication is a chance to show off your personality and how you think.

Story Resumes: Thank you for sharing your insight with us, Chris. We wish all the best to you and your copywriting career!

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