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Meet Craig Stapley, Whose Creative Resume Got Him Hired

February 26, 2014

Would you submit an infographic resume to get you the job of your dreams?

Craig Stapley wanted to highlight his creativity and fun personality, so he transformed his traditional resume into an attractive infographic that used humor to tell his story. His innovative approach paid off, literally, when he earned the role of Creative Director at iFit, one of the most popular fitness companies in the world. Here is Craig’s inspirational story…

Story Resumes: Craig, why an infographic resume?

Craig: I think there are many creative ways you can approach jobseeking. If you think about a resume, though, it is the first point of contact a recruiter has with an applicant. Based on your resume they will either call you for an interview or toss it into the waste bin. So I figured my goal was to get noticed in the first place and creating an infographic resume was not only a visually appealing way to go about it but it also reads easier than a traditional CV.

Story Resumes: Walk us through your creation process.

Craig: Because I was looking for a visual design position I knew I needed to highlight my skills, work experience and portfolio. I also wanted to show some of my personality, so interlaced throughout the resume you will notice funny little snippets under my skills or the addition of “my birth” in my timeline. I believe that these little things, although not very informative, might get a chuckle out of a recruiter and if nothing else encourage them to take a second glance.

Story Resumes: How confident were you that your infographic resume would work?

Craig: To be honest, not very confident at first. I really didn’t have a plan B though. In my mind I figured that if a company didn’t appreciate the humor and uniqueness of my resume, that was most likely a company I wouldn’t want to work at. The nice thing about creating the resume I did was that I was able to vet out those companies with a stale culture and instead appeal to businesses that were more modern, young and willing to challenge the establishment.

Story Resumes: Has the response to your creative resume been what you expected?

Craig: Better. I think recruiters found it refreshing to find a resume that broke from the mold. Especially one that highlighted my best attributes in an easy-to-digest format. I got interviews–quite a few actually. I was surprised when after one interview the interviewer pulled me aside and complimented me saying that my resume “was the most unique resume he had ever seen”, and because of that they pulled me in.

Story Resumes: How did you promote your resume?

Craig: Other than having a portfolio website, I really didn’t promote my resume or market it. I would submit it to jobs I thought I might enjoy and wait for the phone call.

Story Resumes: Finally, what tips do you have for current jobseekers trying to get noticed?

Craig: Keep it simple. Remember that the goal is to land an interview, not necessarily the job. I think jobseekers often try too hard to cram in as much information as they can in hopes that more is better. On average an interviewer will only spend a few seconds looking at a resume so make the most important information stand out and leave out irrelevant experience.

Story Resumes: Thank you for sharing your successful job search story with us, Craig. We wish you and your career all the very best!

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