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How To Create A Successful LinkedIn Profile

July 26, 2016

What makes an eye-catching and successful LinkedIn profile?

A few things, according to this infographic. To spruce up your LinkedIn profile, try customizing your profile URL. A professional way to do so is by using your full name, but if that is taken, try your name plus your occupation, or name plus region, if applicable. Make sure you’re easy to reach by listing updated and relevant contact information.

Pack a punch with a stellar first-person profile. Be sure to tell your story and share your accomplishments in a way that can be measured. Also explain how you can benefit your employer.

Under your experience, only include your most relevant jobs—sticking to three may be best. Make your profile more visual by adding images, videos, presentations, and pdfs. Of course, include a professional profile photo, which will make your profile 11 times more likely to be viewed.

Consider adding volunteer experience and posting regular content, which could give you a boost in views and networking. Want even more helpful tips? See the infographic below for more ideas to enhance your LinkedIn profile and maximize your odds of getting noticed.

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Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Successful LinkedIn Profile

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