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Meet Eric Gandhi, Whose Resume Grabbed Google’s Attention

January 31, 2014

What does it take to grab the attention of one of the highest profile companies around?

Try a resume that cleverly mimics one of their popular services, like Eric Gandhi did with his Google resume. He told his professional story in the form of a search results page, which secured Eric an interview at Google and landed him on prominent business sites. Here is Eric’s inspiring story…

Story Resumes: Eric, why did you go the unorthodox jobseeking route?

Eric: I was looking for a way to stand out from all the other designers out there. Truthfully, I got fed up with following the stuffy, formal conventions that you are expected to follow in your job hunt or work life. Although my field generally embraces and even encourages non-traditional techniques like this, as long as you keep the information readable and concise. There’s nothing wrong with making yourself more memorable than a couple of boring paragraphs.

Story Resumes: How did you come up with the idea to create a Google-themed resume?

Eric: When the idea for the Google-themed resume came to me, I was thinking about a couple of products/services that people in this industry (and people in general, really) use on a daily basis. Topping that list was the Google search page. In a lot of ways, that’s where your Internet journey “begins”. I had Google in mind as a prospective employer, but more than that I wanted something different and clever that didn’t require any kind of special knowledge or explanation. The company I’m at is somewhat inconsequential as long as I have a passion for the content I’m working on.

Story Resumes: Once your resume was created, how did you get people to notice it?

Eric: I created the resume, put it up on my portfolio site, and attached it to a couple of job applications that I sent out. Some time soon after, I noticed increased traffic to my site from a handful of ‘creative resume inspiration’ types of articles, and from there it really just kept picking up speed. I was contacted by a writer from Business Insider not long after that, and that’s when I got a big spike in traffic and the resume really took off. Also, as a result, I was featured in the alumni magazine of my alma mater, the Georgia Institute of Technology, which really helped give me more exposure among my contemporaries.

Story Resumes: Was the overall response what you expected or hoped for?

Eric: I certainly didn’t expect it to take off as much (or as quickly) as it did, but as someone in a creative profession, it’s always nice to know that something you made is out there inspiring people and pushing them to think differently.

Story Resumes: Has your Google-themed resume positively affected your reputation in any other ways?

Eric: I’ve had a handful of potential employers reach out to me after spotting my resume somewhere or bring it up during an interview, which is pretty cool, but what I’ve really enjoyed is getting emails from people who have been inspired to make themselves stand out more. I’ve even had a professor or two reach out from other countries saying that they wanted to use it as an example in their resume-building classes. It just goes to show how easily we can connect and share ideas despite physical distance.

Story Resumes: What words of wisdom do you have for current jobseekers looking to stand out?

Eric: I know job hunting is a daunting task—the inner machinations of how these companies are filtering out resumes and applicants are very opaque, but I saw that as all the more reason to stand out and do something different. You’re not just a boring worker drone—why should your resume and your life/work experience be presented as if you are? Keep your industry in mind, of course, but once I stopped worrying about telling potential employers exactly what they wanted to hear and I just showed them how much I love my craft and that I’m not afraid to think outside the box, I’ve been considerably more successful. If a company reprimands you and filters you out for being different, is that somewhere you really want to spend 8+ hours every day? Take risks and be genuine.

Story Resumes: Eric, congratulations on grabbing Google’s attention and thank you for inspiring us!

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