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How To Feel Confident In Your Job Interview

March 15, 2017

Have you ever felt less-than-confident before a job interview?

Did you know you can use research-proven strategies to boost your confidence? According to the infographic below, studies show that self-confidence is more important to career success than talent alone. So boosting your confidence can potentially better your chances in a job interview.

One way to trick your brain into feeling more confident is to do power poses, like the superman pose or the starfish pose. It may sound strange, but research has shown that doing these poses for two minutes effectively alters hormones (decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing testosterone). Psychologist Amy Cuddy refers to this as “fake it ’til you become it”. Before your next job interview, try doing a power pose in the bathroom for an extra confidence boost.

Another way to feel more confident is to think back to a time in which you felt that way. Relive that moment in your mind sometime before your interview, and it can make you appear more confident. Also use positive self-talk as you prepare. This can create a more ideal self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some studies show that speaking slowly can make you seem confident, so perhaps try slowing your speech slightly during your job interview and enunciating to encourage your listeners to pay attention.

These are a few of the tips mentioned in the infographic; read on below for more ways to boost your confidence as your prepare for your next job interview. And for more interview tips, check out this post, and this one.

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