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Inspire Your Job Search With These 3D Resumes

June 29, 2016

Would you believe that creating a unique 3D model could get you noticed for a job?

It worked for these six creative individuals, who all found ideal opportunities as a result of their unconventional jobseeking approach. From a box of chocolates to action figures to lost “passports”, we hope these successful 3D resumes will inspire your job search tactics. And if you aren’t sure where to start, we can help!


Rob Jervis Chocolates Resume

Rob Jervis got hired with a delicious box of chocolates and shares why he did it and what happened after he sent them off to potential employers.


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Fannie Lam made a coffee and donuts replica that got her hired at Teletoon. She shares her inspiration, her creation process, and some useful tips for jobseekers.


Jens Lennartsson

Jens Lennartsson, a photographer, got noticed with lookalike action figures that he designed. He explains how the “G.I. Jens” figures best tell his story, how they expanded his network, the extensive creation process, and his tips for others looking to stand out.


Leah Bowman Lego Resume

Leah Bowman got hired with a LEGO version of herself and shares all about her unconventional and successful approach. She talks about the creative process, the amount of time involved, her thoughts on the media storm over the resume, and her best advice for jobseekers.



Jon Ryder found copywriting work by putting his resume on a medicine box and explains how this clever approach best tells his story. He discusses the response to the resume, whether or not he thought it would work, the creative process and how to stand out when job hunting.


Miruna Macri Passport Resume

Miruna Macri designed a fake passport for her resume and purposely “lost” it at various ad agencies where she wanted to work. She discusses the idea’s inspiration, the creative process, the logistics of leaving the passport in the buildings of ad agencies, and the positive response.



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