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How To Be Job Search Ready In 2016

April 13, 2016

How do you stand out as a jobseeker in 2016?

Job searching in many fields is now often more complex than filling out an application or turning in a traditional resume. To grab attention, add more facts and details to your resume to highlight how you can make a positive impact—make sure your achievements shine! Consider a visual resume to elevate yourself from the crowd. Prune your social media accounts and ensure that any searching employers see you at your best.

Also think small, as the infographic below states, as smaller companies are more likely to create new jobs, and be sure to thoroughly research the company before an interview and check their website for job listings directly. Finally, remember that networking, both in-person and virtually, still plays an important role in getting noticed for a job. See the infographic for more and browse our previous posts for endless tips to stand out in your job search.

job search infographic

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