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Are You Making These Job Search Mistakes?

September 21, 2016

Is your job search not turning out the way you had hoped?

If not, the infographic below explains three common mistakes that could hurt a job search. According to LaSalle Network, 42 percent of jobseekers only check a company’s career pages for openings. Instead, a diverse approach—using other means like social media, networking, or job search sites—may bring results.

Another common mistake jobseekers make is not checking their resume for typos. Often easy to miss, 58 percent of resumes contain typos, which may hurt your chances of a callback.

Finally, as salary growth has been fairly stagnant in the past few years, another potential mistake is to only consider higher salary in a search. Other factors that might be beneficial include opportunity for growth, a good benefits package, training and development, and a strong career path.

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