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Meet Claudio Nader, The Guy Who Scored His Dream Job Via A Facebook Resume

October 30, 2013

Did you ever hear about that guy who became famous when he turned his Facebook profile into an online resume and was featured on big gun sites like Mashable?

Well, his name was Claudio Nader. At the time, he was a frustrated job seeker living in London who was not being noticed. But that was before his Facebook resume became a viral phenomenon and his life changed forever. Here is Claudio’s inspiring job search story…

Story Resumes: Claudio, what gave you the idea to rock the boat and create a non-traditional resume?

Claudio: I was living in London, in need of a job, but had few opportunities to find one that truly wanted because I had never worked in the UK and I couldn’t speak English fluently. I wanted to work in social media and do what I loved, which was strategizing and helping develop different projects for clients. I thought that simply sending resumes (CVs) all over London, agency after agency, wouldn’t help me reach my goal quickly. I wanted to let potential employers find me, instead of me looking for them.

Story Resumes: Why a Facebook resume?

Claudio: A couple of reasons. Facebook was the hottest spot in marketing and communications and I was interested in becoming a social media planner, so I thought Facebook was the right place to be at that moment. In addition, no one else was using the platform at the time for that purpose. It gave me an edge.

Story Resumes: Did you enlist help to create your resume?

Claudio: No, I worked as a graphic designer in the past, so I designed the resume on top of the profile and there was no need for technical development. I tried three or four different layouts before choosing the one you can see now. It was an ongoing refining process and every layout was intended to create something similar to a standard format for resumes, but on a Facebook profile. I was already thinking about making a Facebook resume tutorial for job seekers so the layout of the profile had to be perfect for my own intentions.

Story Resumes: How were you able to get your Facebook resume ‘noticed’ in your job search process?

Claudio: I sent the link to bloggers and influencers online, letting word-of-mouth do the work for me. I really wanted to be found by the right people. One of the bloggers, for example, was Jacob Share, who was very kind and asked me to guest post on his JobMob website.

Story Resumes: How did your resume attract so much media buzz?

Claudio: I directly sent the link of the resume to media such as Mashable, (an Italian website) and others similar to these. I also sent it to people potentially interested in this kind of news. Someone from India wrote something about me and the rest came after this. It was pretty awesome. I’m very thankful for that.

Story Resumes: You received lots of interview requests and several job offers. Was that the response you had hoped for?

Claudio: Yes, it was what I wanted. Companies kept in touch to ask me for information and talk about open positions. In addition, and this was really awesome, a lot of people from all over the world, including the US, the UK, India, Russia and China, among others, wrote me to ask for tips and advice, and a few of them made their own Facebook CVs. The good news, to be honest, was that some of them actually found a job using this idea!

Story Resumes: What are some other ways job seekers can stand out and get noticed?

Claudio: Focus on your real skills and your real goals, then determine how you can demonstrate your skills and do that—find the right way and do that. In my opinion there’s no reason to wait without acting. Focus on your goals, plan, and do your best.

Story Resumes: Finally, do you have any other creative projects in the works?

Claudio: The next steps are to start a digital business on my own. I’m now working on a project named Ongoing, a service in the event space, designed to help promoters and people to better enjoy the everyday life in town. And, I plan to restart my second main passion: theatre.

Thank you very much Claudio for being our very first inside scoop story! We look forward to being inspired by you again in your new projects.

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