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Meet Rob Jervis, Who Got Hired With A Box Of Chocolates

August 4, 2014

Have you ever seen a resume as a box of chocolates?

On the hunt for a packaging design job, Rob Jervis took an unconventional path and turned his resume into a cleverly-designed box of homemade chocolates. His appetizing approach won over the taste buds of almost every potential employer he sent them to, garnering almost immediate responses. Rob ultimately achieved a full-time job at LFH, a design company. Here is Rob’s inspiring story…

Story Resumes: What was the inspiration behind your edible approach?

Rob: I wouldn’t say anything [in particular] inspired me other than just the need to stand out from the crowd. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, designing and making things and this was a combination of those. I’d been wanting to do something 3D or completely different. I was looking to get into either advertising or packaging, which led me to the box idea. I’d been making chocolates for a few months and everyone loved them; then came the idea of combining them with my resume.

Story Resumes: Did anyone help you put together the final product?

Rob: I designed it all myself; it took a bit of patience to put the boxes together and to make the chocolates.

Story Resumes: How confident were you that agencies would contact you in response to your creative resume?

Rob: I was fairly confident that people would reply to these, from the moment I created the first prototype I knew I was on to a winner. Everyone I handed them to, from receptionist to creative director, was instantly impressed and replied usually within minutes.

I received responses from almost every company I sent them to—most companies replied within an hour of receiving the resume asking me to come in for an interview or at worst congratulating me on the original CV whilst informing me they aren’t looking to fill any positions. It landed me a job as a junior designer at a packaging and branding company Illumination (formerly LFH) and got me into LPK (London office) where I currently am.

It also went wild on Twitter—wild for me anyway, haha.

Story Resumes: Would you do anything different if you took an unconventional jobseeking approach again?

Rob: The only thing I would do differently would be doing it sooner. The CV has its impracticalities, mainly that I can’t make and send many at a time, but the whole experience has been fun and rewarding.

Story Resumes: Finally, do you have any tips for other jobseekers trying to stand out from the crowd?

Rob: As for advice to others: I think people ideally need tailored advice for their situation; but do your research, set your goals and hard work won’t let you down. A saying I always go by is “someone who really wants something will find a way, someone who doesn’t will find an excuse”.

Story Resumes: We love your delicious idea, Rob. Thank you very much for sharing with us and well done on successfully getting noticed and hired!

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