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Meet Miruna Macri, Who Lost A Passport To Get Noticed For A Job

March 5, 2014

Can a lost passport get you noticed for a job?

On the verge of graduation and facing stiff competition in her field, Miruna Macri revamped her resume and portfolio into a passport. Then, with the help of her friends, she intentionally ‘lost’ the fake passport at several ad agencies that she wanted to work for. Soon enough her phone started ringing as the passports were ‘found’ and big sites like TrendHunter and DesignTaxi featured her novel jobseeking approach. Here is Miruna’s inspiring story…

Story Resumes: How did you come up with the clever idea to transform your resume into a passport?

Miruna: Thousands of students graduate from advertising and design universities every year. Most of them have really good portfolios and what they all have in common is the search for a good job. It’s tough competition, so that’s why I thought of something unconventional. I think knowing how to present your work is as important as the work itself.

I don’t know how the passport idea came about; a lot of my friends have asked me this and I keep asking that myself. What I do know is that one year before graduation I realized I needed to get noticed somehow–that planted the ‘get noticed seed’.

In the beginning I thought about it intensively and nothing came up. I just let it rest for a while. One night, I was having a glass of wine with my dad and the idea just came out of nowhere: “Dad, what if I transform my portfolio into a passport and then lose it?” He got it right away. I liked it also but I kept putting it off because I felt my portfolio needed more work. Later on, when everything was almost ready, I decided to execute it.

Story Resumes: How easy or difficult was it to walk into ad agencies and ‘lose’ your passport resume inconspicuously?

Miruna: I started executing my idea (design, printing, and so on) and then suddenly I realized, “how am I going to enter those agencies!?” I was lucky enough to have some friends working at some of them, and because everybody kind of knows everybody, my friends had friends of friends who also helped me. I couldn’t have done anything without them and I’d like to thank them again. Entering these places is usually a sort of ‘mission impossible’.

Story Resumes: Would you walk us through your creation process?

Miruna: I didn’t realize the amount of work that would be required before I started to actually work on every single page of the passport. The more I worked, the more I realized how much I had yet to do. I was the copywriter (supervised by some of my ex-partners), art director, designer, production department, and PR person. All of this was proudly sponsored by my awesome dad who believed in this project more than I did.

Story Resumes: How confident were you that the agencies would contact you after ‘finding’ your passport resume?

Miruna: I decided to lose the passport at the ad agencies on a Wednesday. Delivering the passports to all of the agencies took half a day. After that I got to school and just waited. I got an email from one of the agencies right away; the email subject read ‘USCIS’ (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). I freaked out because the creative recruiter had played my game! She said she loved it and that we should meet. So that was one interview, but after that day I didn’t hear anything back.

For the next four days I sat at home waiting for something to happen. This project took all of my energy, resources and money so I was really anxious. After those days when I just waited I said to myself, “well, that’s life. I just have to try harder”. My plan B, if I needed it, was to keep trying and make something better.

About how confident I was: there were days when I said, “this is so cool,” and there were other days when I wasn’t sure at all about it. I just tried to picture myself as a Creative Director or Creative Recruiter. Every time I did that, I liked my idea.

Story Resumes: What kind of response have you gotten from your passport resume?

Miruna: I got seven interviews in the following month and even now I still get the chance to chat with some cool agencies. Also, I have been featured on some of my all-time favorite websites, like DesignTaxi, AgencySpy, PSFK and so on. To sum up, I had great feedback and never expected things would end up so well!

Story Resumes: Finally, do you have any tips for jobseekers trying to stand out from the crowd?

Miruna: Do cool stuff. Stay humble. Do some more cool stuff.

Three months after the passport stunt, I did another project called I created a website for Valentine’s Day where people could actually kiss Ryan Gosling and then share the picture. I made more than 100,000 happy!

In conclusion, do the stuff you would like to see and share.

Story Resumes: Miruna, we applaud your innovative jobseeking approach and wish you nothing but success!

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