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Once upon a time, Andrea Martins was looking for work but struggling to get noticed. Her resume had gaps (which recruiters and employers hate) because she had taken a parenting break and had also spent nine years abroad.

This was frustrating for Andrea because she was a talented job seeker who had always excelled in her work, and she had a positive ‘can-do’ global perspective.

She was also puzzled… How could she have put so much good karma out into the world (via her website, ExpatWomen.com), yet none of that karma was returning to her?

Just when Andrea was about to give up in despair, she had an idea! She turned her resume into a story and found someone to illustrate it. A funny thing happened next…

Recruiters and company founders (on the other side of the world!) started writing personal responses to her job applications, calling her within hours of receiving her resume, inviting her for interviews and offering her jobs!

In the next year, Andrea accepted some of her job offers, but the more she listened to her friends’ struggles to find work, the more she wanted to help them get noticed as well.

However, before she could quit her day job to develop Story Resumes, she needed some seed money. So she did what anyone does when they need quick money… she headed to Las Vegas!

One month’s work for a Vegas startup and she had some money – but not enough. A couple of CrowdSpring project wins later… and Andrea was set to go!

But she was not Wonder Woman (although she does keep the doll on her desk for inspiration). She needed some help.

She called in her former colleague Ashley Thompson (aka Surviving in Japan blogger) who loved the idea. Ashley had experienced similar job search frustrations, and she also shared Andrea’s passion to help other job seekers.

Two months later, Story Resumes was launched to help frustrated, talented job seekers get noticed… and hopefully, hired!

If you are tired of submitting job applications and resumes that get you nowhere, we can help.

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