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Meet Rachael King, Whose Pinterest Resume Surprised The World

January 14, 2014

Do you remember our interview with Mark Johnson, the guy who created a Pinterest resume and the “Pinterest Your Resume” presentation?

Well, meet his inspiration: Rachael King.

Rachael created a Pinterest board with pins to her professional experience across the web–articles she had penned, interviews she was in, news features that included her, speaking gigs, and links to her resume and blog. She dubbed it her “living resume” and her dynamic pinboard resume landed her on top media sites CNN, USA Today, U.S. News, and Mashable, to name a few. Here is Rachael’s inspiring story…

Story Resumes: Rachael, why a resume with Pinterest?

Rachael: I actually started doing it for myself, so that I could keep track of articles or interviews I’d been in. Initially I made it as a secret board, using it as a bookmarking tool so that I could easily find the articles later if I needed to. I showed it to a friend one day and she was all, “Why is this board private again?” She had a point. So I spruced it up, made it more like a portfolio I’d be willing to show the world, and hit publish.

Story Resumes: How have you used social media and your Pinterest resume as part of your job search strategies?

Rachael: I’ve gotten all of my jobs in the past five years through social media connections. The Pinterest resume is something interesting to show prospective employers, and it’s definitely a conversation starter, but tools like this are ways to get your foot in the door. They won’t ultimately get you the job; your skills and experience and the way you sell yourself in person will.

Story Resumes: Has the response to your “living resume” on Pinterest exceeded your expectations?

Rachael: I wasn’t hoping for or expecting any response, so hell yes, it’s been great!

Story Resumes: Would you share with us some other examples of how your Pinterest resume and social media presence has positively affected your career and personal brand?

Rachael: It’s been a great thing to show college kids when I guest lecture at universities. It showcases how a social platform can be a tool to beef up your online presence or present an awesome (and creative portfolio) to the world.

The awesome Leah Busque (founder of TaskRabbit) also used it as an example in her SXSW keynote presentation one year. That was a great moment, when someone tweeted a picture of it to me from the auditorium!

Story Resumes: How easy or difficult do you believe it would be for jobseekers to catch someone’s attention if they don’t have a large social media following or are just getting started?

Rachael: I wouldn’t say it affected my following; my network is something I’ve been working on for many years, and it’s the result of lots of hard work, not any one trick or tactic. But if you are just starting out and have a smaller following, I think a creative idea like this could definitely help you get noticed more quickly. I know it would give someone an edge in my eyes if they submitted it along with their resume (and a killer cover letter).

Story Resumes: Finally, what are some ways jobseekers can cultivate a web presence that helps get them noticed?

Rachael: Create stellar content that you’re really proud of. Awesome blog posts, a hilarious Twitter account, a GIF-filled Tumblr—whatever it is that you’re interested in sharing with the world. Then, start building connections. People won’t come just because you’ve built it; you have to invest time in them before they’ll pay attention to you. Target people in your industry that you admire and want to get to know. Comment on their posts, follow and reply to their Tweets (when you have something to add to the conversations), and eventually you’ll become part of the conversation.

Story Resumes: Thank you so much for sharing your story and advice with us, Rachael! All the very best in 2014!

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