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Find Inspiration With These Visual Resumes

August 23, 2016

What does an infographic, subway map, and comic book have in common?

A way to get hired, like the following three jobseekers did with their unique, creative visual resumes. Each unconventional approach told their story in a way that best reflected who they were and what they wanted to do next in their career, and the risk paid off for each of them. The stories behind their visual resumes are so inspiring we’re sharing them again in this post. Are you ready to get noticed by telling your story in your resume?


Soumitra Saxena Visual Resume
Soumitra Saxena found career success with two visual resumes. The first earned him numerous potential graphic design opportunities and was featured on one of India’s most popular websites. Looking to branch in to another field, he created a second visual resume that landed him an internship and job at DreamWorks Animation’s studio in India. He explains his concepts, how he got his resumes noticed, and tips for jobseekers.


Jack DeManche Subway Map Resume Visual Resume

Jack DeManche got hired with his resume-turned-subway-map and captured the attention of many.  He shares his inspiration and thought process, how the subway map resume got noticed, and his thoughts on the entire process.


Joshua Drummond Comic Book Resume Visual Resume

Joshua Drummond created a comic book resume that helped him stand out during the recession. Not only did he get hired, but his creative approach earned him a call back for every job he applied for. In this interview he walks us through his creative process, how his visual resume has helped his overall career, and his ideas for jobseekers looking to get noticed.

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