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10 Tips For A Successful Online Job Interview

June 7, 2017

You are confident and prepared for your big online interview, but is your tech ready to put you in the best light?

Let’s look at a few ways to make sure you are at your absolute onscreen best, shared in the infographic below.

First, check the lighting where you plan to be for your interview. Is the light facing you? Or coming from behind you? It should usually be facing you so it doesn’t cast you as a shadow from behind. Practice setting up with your webcam—what shows up in the background? A bathroom? A cluttered room? Find a neutral background that isn’t distracting to your interviewers. Similarly, make sure the space is quiet with no potential interruptions.

If your wifi is less than trustworthy, or to ensure you have an uninterrupted connection, consider connecting your computer directly to your modem or router. Restart your computer to turn off anything running in the background and turn off any unnecessary programs, to avoid noise alerts or a slower computer. Also consider pausing or turning off cloud services right before your interview so your connection isn’t burdened by files uploading or downloading. And if anyone else is on your network, ask them to hold off on uploading, downloading or video streaming until after your online interview.

Finally, when you sit in front of the camera, center yourself in the view frame. Sit up straight to appear more confident and so your head doesn’t sink down on screen, potentially making you appear weak. For more useful job interview prep ideas, check out How To Feel Confident In Your Job InterviewTop Tips For A Winning Job Interview, and How To Prepare For Your Next Video Job Interview.

How NOT to look Ugly on a Webcam

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6 Standout Creative Resumes That Got Jobseekers Hired

April 26, 2017

Unconventional creative resumes might grab attention, but can they actually get you hired? For these six jobseekers, the answer is a definite yes. Read on below for plenty of tips, inspiration and to learn exactly how their unique, creative resumes led to job search success.


Creative Resumes, Facebook Resume, Claudio Nader, Job Search

Frustrated in the jobseeking world, Claudio Nader chose to utilize one of the most popular social media platforms to get noticed by numerous employers—and it worked. Click here to read more about what he did, how his resume got noticed and went viral, and his best tips for current jobseekers.


Creative Resumes, Ian Greenleigh, Facebook, resume

Ian Greenleigh also wanted to harness the power of Facebook to put his face in front of potential employers. With little marketing experience, he put out an ad on Facebook and secured the marketing job of his dreams in just a few short weeks. He explains why he chose an ad resume, what the response was, how the ad has helped his career overall, and his advice for others looking to stand out.


Creative Resumes, Craig Stapley Resume

Considering an applicant only has about seven seconds to impress a potential employer, Craig Stapley knew he needed to try something different: “If you think about a resume, it is the first point of contact a recruiter has with an applicant. Based on your resume they will either call you for an interview or toss it into the waste bin.” So he shaped his resume into a clever infographic that grabbed attention and helped him earn the position of Creative Director at iFit, a popular fitness company. Read more about his approach and what he would suggest to someone else hoping to get noticed.


Leah Bowman Lego Resume

If you could build your way to job with LEGO, would you? It worked for Leah Bowman, who built a miniature replica of herself and put it in a package she designed to look like LEGO, along with a poster describing her as an applicant. She was successfully chosen for an internship at a major advertising agency and featured on numerous big media platforms. Click here to see more about her process and exactly how she pulled it off.


Rob Jervis Chocolates Resume

One sweet way to grab attention as a jobseeker might be to send in a box of chocolates, like Rob Jervis did. Hoping to score a package design job, he developed his own clever packaging for a box of homemade chocolates. Jervis won over nearly everyone he handed his resume to, and attracted plenty of virtual applause. His only regret? “The only thing I would do differently would be doing it sooner.” See more about his creation process, response and advice for others hoping to attract an employer’s attention.


resumes, resume, portfolio, job search

Fannie Lam found a way to stand out in her job search by handing out coffee and donuts—a replica of coffee and donuts, that is. The food model, with her portfolio included inside, told her story and impressed her interviewers, which helped her capture an ideal graphic design position. She shares the process behind her creative resume, what she would differently next time, and her tips to help you tell your story as a jobseeker.

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How To Feel Confident In Your Job Interview

March 15, 2017

Have you ever felt less-than-confident before a job interview?

Did you know you can use research-proven strategies to boost your confidence? According to the infographic below, studies show that self-confidence is more important to career success than talent alone. So boosting your confidence can potentially better your chances in a job interview.

One way to trick your brain into feeling more confident is to do power poses, like the superman pose or the starfish pose. It may sound strange, but research has shown that doing these poses for two minutes effectively alters hormones (decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing testosterone). Psychologist Amy Cuddy refers to this as “fake it ’til you become it”. Before your next job interview, try doing a power pose in the bathroom for an extra confidence boost.

Another way to feel more confident is to think back to a time in which you felt that way. Relive that moment in your mind sometime before your interview, and it can make you appear more confident. Also use positive self-talk as you prepare. This can create a more ideal self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some studies show that speaking slowly can make you seem confident, so perhaps try slowing your speech slightly during your job interview and enunciating to encourage your listeners to pay attention.

These are a few of the tips mentioned in the infographic; read on below for more ways to boost your confidence as your prepare for your next job interview. And for more interview tips, check out this post, and this one.

job interview confidence

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3 Video Resumes That Got Jobseekers Noticed

January 11, 2017

If turning your resume into a video could get you noticed for a job, would you do it?

It worked for the following three jobseekers, who all stood out with their unique video resumes. They grabbed the attention of employers and media alike, and their unconventional approach has continued to positively affect their careers over time. Click below for a burst of inspiration and plenty of out-of-the-box advice for your 2017 job hunt:


Adrienne Thiery

Realizing that responding to job ads was getting her nowhere fast, Adrienne Thiery instead showcased her job skills in a video, which scored her an astonishing 30 interviews and 46 meetings. This interview is full of gold nuggets as Thiery shares what prompted her to make a video resume, how she was able to catch the attention of TV industry VIPs, and how to develop an effective strategy. She also explains the creative process, what she would do next time and offers some helpful advice to jobseekers.


James Corne Video Resume

Looking to stand out, James Corne created a clever “workaholic” parody video—inspired by Alcoholics Anonymous. His unique approach has brought about numerous opportunities over the years and even landed him a post on major tech site Mashable. For this interview Corne discusses why he decided to do something different, about his other innovative approaches to job hunting, and about creative risk-taking and humor in resumes. From the other side of the desk Corne also provides examples of how jobseekers miss the mark and shares advice for jobseekers hoping to get noticed.


Dawn Siff Vine Video Resume

Looking to make a powerful impact in just six seconds, Dawn Siff created the world’s first resume on the short-loop video app, Vine. Siff’s unique idea put her name in big media lights via The Today Show, Fast Company and Mashable. We talked with Siff about the storytelling process and how to do so effectively in just six seconds, plus her best jobseeking tips.

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Top Tips For A Winning Job Interview

December 7, 2016

You know to prepare for a job interview, but how prepared should you be?

To stand out, this infographic suggests that dressing professionally, arriving early, and learning basic information about the company is just the start. We’ve shared job interview tips before, but this infographic goes beyond typical advice to help you ace your next job interview.

First, you probably already know to research the company before your interview, but also consider reviewing internal position titles and what they mean. Doing a background check ahead of time could be prevent problems, and searching for recent company news might give you a leg up.

During the interview, make sure your handshake isn’t too firm or too weak, remember to sit up straight and keep responses short, but engaging. Be prepared for any type of question—according to this infographic some jobseekers have been asked unusual things like, “have you ever stolen a pen from work?” and “what’s your favorite song? Perform it for us now.” If you are asked, “tell me more about yourself”, one suggestion is to respond with four summarized topics within a few minutes: your early years, education, work history, and recent career experience.

Follow the interview with some of your own questions, but it might be better to wait to ask about things like salary, vacation time, bonuses, or other benefits until later. Finally, consider sending a thank you note after the interview to show your enthusiasm and leave a lasting impression. Read on below for more tips:

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Meet Emma Clifford, Who Got Noticed With A Taxi Ad Resume

November 1, 2016

Would you advertise your resume…in a taxi cab?

Emma Clifford did exactly that and, combined with the power of social media, got noticed. Frustrated by how difficult it was to get hired out of university, Emma realized that placing her resume as an ad in a London taxi might catch a prospective employer’s eye. She snapped a picture of the unconventional resume ad and posted it to Twitter, which caught momentum and the media’s eye—she was featured on local TV and radio networks, in addition to the major outlet Daily Mail UK. While speaking on a radio show, she serendipitously met the person who would help her secure an internship, and the rest is history. Here is Emma’s inspiring story…

Story Resumes: Emma, what led you to do something unconventional in your job search?

Emma: I had finished my English Literature degree at Canterbury Christ Church University and had been applying for numerous jobs as well as internships online as many people in the same position were doing.

After a while it gets a little disheartening, not to mention monotonous, being at home and not having much to do in between working at a part-time job I’d been doing for a bit of money whilst I was studying. I knew companies often advertised in the fold-down seats in London taxi cabs so I thought what would be the harm in trying this myself—just in case—in the off-chance it would happen to catch a prospective employer’s eye? It was something to do to pass the time and also to give me some focus in improving my employability chances.

Story Resumes: Why did you decide on a taxi ad resume in particular?

Emma: I had been trying to apply for jobs for a little while and as it is an employers’ market I thought it would be a good idea to try something different and unconventional in order to stand out. It was also an interesting talking point later on in interviews.

Story Resumes: How confident were you that employers or agencies would contact you in response to your creative resume? Did you have a ‘Plan B’?

Emma: I wasn’t that confident at all that I would be specifically contacted by an employer or agency really. Plan B was just to continuously apply the old-fashioned way online for jobs and even internships as well as work experience. Social media actually played a positive part in helping me to get my advertisement noticed to a wider audience.

Story Resumes: What was the overall response to your taxi ad resume?

Emma: My dad did receive some comments from customers who got in the back of his taxi day-to-day; they often said many positive things about it and wished me good luck, which was great. Although this was very encouraging, the chances of the right employer getting into my dad’s taxi did seem a little slim.

I had posted a picture of my advert on Twitter just to show people what I had created. This led to an interview on BBC South East who interviewed me and my dad (who is a London taxi driver) about the ad and about unemployment of students who have just come out of university. I also spoke on LBC Radio about a similar topic and discovered that one of the presenters on the show actually had a book publishing company—this enabled me to get a one-month internship with the book publishing company. I was very grateful for this as I was able to get further experience in the industry I wanted to work in.

Therefore, through the use of social media and showing people my advertisement in the cab it was quite well received. People saw that I was taking my own initiative to be proactive and to do something different. As well as being interviewed on local television and radio, the Daily Mail Online posted a story about me and the advert. Most of the comments I received were positive, however, with online articles also come some negative comments that you need to learn to ignore.

Story Resumes: How has your ad resume impacted your career since your internship?

Emma: As mentioned above, I would say that the ad helped me at first to gain further work experience which therefore opened a door there. However, I believe that gaining the work experience, volunteering at a book festival, and reading as much as I could about the industry ultimately helped me. I never regret the advert resume as it helped me to gain some experience, but it was also other extra things I did that really helped me.

When I got my first job as an administrative assistant, I had applied online for the job and was given an interview. In the interview I did actually mention the advert as I thought it would make me stand out and was something fun to talk about. The employers did like this and thought that it was interesting, therefore it may have been a contributing factor in gaining my first job perhaps, although it was my online application that ultimately got me the interview.

Story Resumes: What advice would you give to other jobseekers looking to stand out?

Emma: I would say that they should never give up on their chosen career path and to just be ready that it may be quite competitive. You have to show an employer what is different about you. Is there something unique that could give you an edge?

Engaging with those in your chosen industry and also setting up a blog are also said to be good techniques of demonstrating how passionate you are about something. Do bear in mind if you do set up a blog employers who may spot it also like to see that this is something you currently maintain and not just to post one thing once in a blue moon!

Having voluntary and internship experience is a great way to stand out and also a great way to network and develop professional relationships with people in your chosen industry. This also shows that you are dedicated. Perhaps if you could find something that would show you are passionate about a certain area or topic and can think of something that shows your initiative then why not give this a go, too?

Story Resumes: Emma, many thanks for sharing your resume story and tips with us. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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Are You Making These Job Search Mistakes?

September 21, 2016

Is your job search not turning out the way you had hoped?

If not, the infographic below explains three common mistakes that could hurt a job search. According to LaSalle Network, 42 percent of jobseekers only check a company’s career pages for openings. Instead, a diverse approach—using other means like social media, networking, or job search sites—may bring results.

Another common mistake jobseekers make is not checking their resume for typos. Often easy to miss, 58 percent of resumes contain typos, which may hurt your chances of a callback.

Finally, as salary growth has been fairly stagnant in the past few years, another potential mistake is to only consider higher salary in a search. Other factors that might be beneficial include opportunity for growth, a good benefits package, training and development, and a strong career path.

If you’re still struggling to land that job you’ve been eyeing, maybe we can help!

job search mistakes

Via the LaSalle Network

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Find Inspiration With These Visual Resumes

August 23, 2016

What does an infographic, subway map, and comic book have in common?

A way to get hired, like the following three jobseekers did with their unique, creative visual resumes. Each unconventional approach told their story in a way that best reflected who they were and what they wanted to do next in their career, and the risk paid off for each of them. The stories behind their visual resumes are so inspiring we’re sharing them again in this post. Are you ready to get noticed by telling your story in your resume?

Soumitra Saxena Visual Resume

Soumitra Saxena found career success with two visual resumes. The first earned him numerous potential graphic design opportunities and was featured on one of India’s most popular websites. Looking to branch in to another field, he created a second visual resume that landed him an internship and job at DreamWorks Animation’s studio in India. He explains his concepts, how he got his resumes noticed, and tips for jobseekers.


Jack DeManche Subway Map Resume Visual Resume

Jack DeManche got hired with his resume-turned-subway-map and captured the attention of many.  He shares his inspiration and thought process, how the subway map resume got noticed, and his thoughts on the entire process.


Joshua Drummond Comic Book Resume Visual Resume

Joshua Drummond created a comic book resume that helped him stand out during the recession. Not only did he get hired, but his creative approach earned him a call back for every job he applied for. In this interview he walks us through his creative process, how his visual resume has helped his overall career, and his ideas for jobseekers looking to get noticed.

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How To Create A Successful LinkedIn Profile

July 26, 2016

What makes an eye-catching and successful LinkedIn profile?

A few things, according to this infographic. To spruce up your LinkedIn profile, try customizing your profile URL. A professional way to do so is by using your full name, but if that is taken, try your name plus your occupation, or name plus region, if applicable. Make sure you’re easy to reach by listing updated and relevant contact information.

Pack a punch with a stellar first-person profile. Be sure to tell your story and share your accomplishments in a way that can be measured. Also explain how you can benefit your employer.

Under your experience, only include your most relevant jobs—sticking to three may be best. Make your profile more visual by adding images, videos, presentations, and pdfs. Of course, include a professional profile photo, which will make your profile 11 times more likely to be viewed.

Consider adding volunteer experience and posting regular content, which could give you a boost in views and networking. Want even more helpful tips? See the infographic below for more ideas to enhance your LinkedIn profile and maximize your odds of getting noticed.

Click To Enlarge

Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Successful LinkedIn Profile

Via AkkenCloud

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Inspire Your Job Search With These 3D Resumes

June 29, 2016

Would you believe that creating a unique 3D model could get you noticed for a job?

It worked for these six creative individuals, who all found ideal opportunities as a result of their unconventional jobseeking approach. From a box of chocolates to action figures to lost “passports”, we hope these successful 3D resumes will inspire your job search tactics. And if you aren’t sure where to start, we can help!


Rob Jervis Chocolates Resume

Rob Jervis got hired with a delicious box of chocolates and shares why he did it and what happened after he sent them off to potential employers.


resumes, resume, portfolio, job search

Fannie Lam made a coffee and donuts replica that got her hired at Teletoon. She shares her inspiration, her creation process, and some useful tips for jobseekers.


Jens Lennartsson

Jens Lennartsson, a photographer, got noticed with lookalike action figures that he designed. He explains how the “G.I. Jens” figures best tell his story, how they expanded his network, the extensive creation process, and his tips for others looking to stand out.


Leah Bowman Lego Resume

Leah Bowman got hired with a LEGO version of herself and shares all about her unconventional and successful approach. She talks about the creative process, the amount of time involved, her thoughts on the media storm over the resume, and her best advice for jobseekers.



Jon Ryder found copywriting work by putting his resume on a medicine box and explains how this clever approach best tells his story. He discusses the response to the resume, whether or not he thought it would work, the creative process and how to stand out when job hunting.


Miruna Macri Passport Resume

Miruna Macri designed a fake passport for her resume and purposely “lost” it at various ad agencies where she wanted to work. She discusses the idea’s inspiration, the creative process, the logistics of leaving the passport in the buildings of ad agencies, and the positive response.

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