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6 Creative Social Media Resumes That Got People Hired

April 27, 2016

Can a social media resume help secure your dream job?

For the following six people, the answer is a resounding yes. While social networking is beneficial in itself, each of these former jobseekers went further by thinking outside the box and used social media tools like Facebook, Pinterest, and Vine to get noticed…and hired.

These inspiring stories are highlighted below, showcasing how an unconventional approach and your individiual story can positively impact your job search.

Facebook Resume, Claudio Nader, Resume Format, Job Search

Claudio Nader scored his job with a Facebook resume, and shares why he took a non-traditional route and how he got his virtual resume noticed.

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How To Be Job Search Ready In 2016

April 13, 2016

How do you stand out as a jobseeker in 2016?

Job searching in many fields is now often more complex than filling out an application or turning in a traditional resume. To grab attention, add more facts and details to your resume to highlight how you can make a positive impact—make sure your achievements shine! Consider a visual resume to elevate yourself from the crowd. Prune your social media accounts and ensure that any searching employers see you at your best.

Also think small, as the infographic below states, as smaller companies are more likely to create new jobs, and be sure to thoroughly research the company before an interview and check their website for job listings directly. Finally, remember that networking, both in-person and virtually, still plays an important role in getting noticed for a job. See the infographic for more and browse our previous posts for endless tips to stand out in your job search.

job search infographic

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How To Maximize LinkedIn To Find Your Dream Job

March 23, 2016

Does your LinkedIn profile stand out from the jobseeking crowd?

With more than 400 million users from all over the world and 89 percent of recruiters having hired someone through the platform, LinkedIn is not only advantageous but potentially essential to a successful job search. To prepare, consider checking your LinkedIn name— is it consistent with your resume and other business media? Is your profile photo clear, sharp and professional (which makes you 14 times more likely to be found)? Are you using a custom URL? This infographic gives you the how-to to all of this and more as it explains what type of language and keywords to use, how to turn off notifications so you don’t annoy your contacts, and how to network effectively to ensure you stand out and get noticed.

LinkedIn profile Job Search

From Visually.

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Find Your Dream Job Using Social Media

March 1, 2016

Will you find your next job with social media?

Chances are good—and ever improving—that you just might. This infographic tells us that 1 in 6 workers found jobs through social media and that the percentage of people hired through an online social network went up 5% since 2010. Not to mention, just over half of jobseekers utilize Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in their job hunt—millions in the United States alone found jobs through one of three aforementioned social media sites. If you’re a “super social” jobseeker, meaning you have more than 150 contacts within one of your social networks, you have an even greater chance of finding a job using social media. Read on below for more details.

Can Facebook Get You A Job?

From Visually.

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How To Prepare For Your Next Video Job Interview

February 17, 2016

You’ve got a video job interview—how do you prepare?

Online job interviews are becoming more prevalent, and according to this infographic, 500 surveyed HR managers responded that they use video interviews at least 50 percent of the time.

So after you have pruned your social media profiles and thoroughly researched the company, practice rehearsing for the interview, either with a colleague or solo, to work out any rough edges. Watch your body language and compare it to the images below. Make sure to check your technology before the interview and eliminate any background clutter and computer noise to ensure you will have no distractions. Now you’re ready to put your best virtual face forward! Check out the infographic below for more details:

Video Interviews: The New Frontier of Job Interviewing

From Visually.

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Help Your Job Search By Following These Steps

January 28, 2016

Does the job search process seem daunting? Not sure of the best steps to take?

This infographic offers some peace of mind, with several steps to make your job search even a little bit smoother. Get off to the right start by updating your resume so it grabs attention (we can help you with that!). Update LinkedIn and clean up Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles, because as many as 44% of employers prescreen potential hires on these platforms.

Amplify your search process with tried-and-true search methods: 41% of jobseekers found a job through networking, 25% were hired through job boards and an agency or firm helped 11% of jobseekers. But some in smaller numbers were able to land a job through direct approach, online networking and classifieds.

Finally, persevere, because on average, for every 100 applications you submit, you’ll receive 10 interviews…and one job. See the infographic for more details, and good luck!

Job Search Tips

From Visually.

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5 Social Media Practices That Can Hurt Your Job Search

December 31, 2015

How much influence do your personal social media profiles have on your job search?

A great deal, if your potential employer is using social screening in their hiring process—at least 45% of companies are, according to this infographic. Positive content can help you stand out, but likewise, content such as negative comments on blogs, comments about previous employers and some network connections can actually hurt your hireability. Read on below for more practices to avoid on social media as a jobseeker:

5 Ways to Ensure You Never Get Hired

From Visually.

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How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

December 16, 2015

Is your resume ready to “wow” recruiters and employers?

Maybe you’re eyeing a job and want to spice up your resume so it stands out from the pile. Check out the infographic below for several useful tips to give your professional bio the edge, and if you really want to grab attention, we can help!

Resume Dos and Don

From Visually.

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How Recruiters Can Help Boost Your Job Search

November 25, 2015

How can recruiters help you land your dream job?

In many ways, if you understand exactly what their role is and what they can do. But as in any relationship, communication is key, and a misunderstanding with a recruiter could hurt, rather than help, your job search. Check out the infographic below for common misunderstandings between recruiters and jobseekers and how to minimize them.

Recruiters Are From Mars, Job Seekers Are From Venus

From Visually.

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How Online Content Can Help (Or Hurt) Your Job Search

October 27, 2015

Is your online presence helping you get hired?

Did you know that online content can also hurt your job search? If you lack any sort of online profiles or content, such as a blog, you might be decreasing your job chances. The infographic below shares facts to know about what prompts employers or recruiters to reject a jobseeker, and how a personal online presence, such as a blog, can increase your chances of being chosen for your dream job.

Via INC.

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