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3 Video Resumes That Got Jobseekers Noticed

January 11, 2017

If turning your resume into a video could get you noticed for a job, would you do it?

It worked for the following three jobseekers, who all stood out with their unique video resumes. They grabbed the attention of employers and media alike, and their unconventional approach has continued to positively affect their careers over time. Click below for a burst of inspiration and plenty of out-of-the-box advice for your 2017 job hunt:


Adrienne Thiery

Realizing that responding to job ads was getting her nowhere fast, Adrienne Thiery instead showcased her job skills in a video, which scored her an astonishing 30 interviews and 46 meetings. This interview is full of gold nuggets as Thiery shares what prompted her to make a video resume, how she was able to catch the attention of TV industry VIPs, and how to develop an effective strategy. She also explains the creative process, what she would do next time and offers some helpful advice to jobseekers.


James Corne Video Resume

Looking to stand out, James Corne created a clever “workaholic” parody video—inspired by Alcoholics Anonymous. His unique approach has brought about numerous opportunities over the years and even landed him a post on major tech site Mashable. For this interview Corne discusses why he decided to do something different, about his other innovative approaches to job hunting, and about creative risk-taking and humor in resumes. From the other side of the desk Corne also provides examples of how jobseekers miss the mark and shares advice for jobseekers hoping to get noticed.


Dawn Siff Vine Video Resume

Looking to make a powerful impact in just six seconds, Dawn Siff created the world’s first resume on the short-loop video app, Vine. Siff’s unique idea put her name in big media lights via The Today Show, Fast Company and Mashable. We talked with Siff about the storytelling process and how to do so effectively in just six seconds, plus her best jobseeking tips.

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